Hi there! I'm Jean, and I come from this tiny little island in South east asia that's known to the world as Singapore. As a Singaporean Chinese I love everything about the Chinese culture! The food, the language, the history, the literature, and in particular, the philosophy. Making random things is probably my second passion in life, and in my online shop I get to combine them both.

I have dreams about living a life where I build my own house, weave my own clothes and grow my own crops, just living in the moment, and enjoying everyday as it is. But residing in Singapore means I won't have the space for it, and I secretly (because a Singaporean would complain about Singapore by default) love my country so I wouldn't be moving away anytime soon. Making the things I use seems to be the next best option, and I hope to make the best out of it!

and my motto in life :)
As a Sagittarius, I may have too many interests. I picked up beading myself, and learned sewing from my grandma. My grandma has a really old sewing machine, which (I think) could be placed in a museum, and that's what I'm using for all the sewn creations. But really, the end products are very sturdy! I also crochet and carve, and would have much difficulty picking out a favorite activity because I enjoy all of them! This explains why I have so many sections in my shop, and there will probably be more to come.

Thank you for reading about me if you've managed to come this far! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for any latest updates, or random pictures from my life. If there's something you'd like me to make, you can email me at baisimu@gmail.com.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, 白(bai) 丝(si) 木(mu), are 3 Chinese characters that, when put together, form an old Chinese word which means happiness. 

I hope you're happy to be here!